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Motorola Razr Droid, The Slim Full of Action

motorola droid

Motorola as one of the major players in the world of Android has recently issued a new champ, Droid Razr. Droid Razr intended for high end segment and is claimed to bring a range of superior technology.
No wonder, Droid Razr Motorola’s including the most sophisticated smartphones today, occupies a higher caste in the top smartphone vendor output from the United States. What is offered?
Droid Razr touted as the world’s thinnest Android smartphone with only the thinnest part of 7mm. But does not the whole body as thin as the Razr Droid. The upper part consists of the camera and the speaker seemed more prominent than in the lower part.
Motorola Razr shaped flat with curved corner angle. Although extremely thin, but the user can simply relax because kekohan stainless steelnya. Already then, the back of the body covered with Kevlar fiber material that reportedly somewhat waterproof.
In hand, the handset is a bit uncomfortable, perhaps because of its shape and size of the flat. However, over time, users are likely to get used to.
At the top of the handset, there are holes HDMI, USB port and headset jack. Then on the right side there is a slot for microSD and microSIM. The right side is equipped with the on off and volume.

Overall, the design of the Razr Droid featuring original impression and be able to differentiate themselves in a more significant when compared to other brands of handset.
Super AMOLED screen
With a 4.3 inch landscape display reaching, including the Razr Droid great smartphone.The selected screen technology in handset Motorola is Super AMOLED QHD with 540×960 pixel resolution.
As one who claimed to be a reliable display technology, Super Amoled did not disappoint.The colors appear with high contrast and sharp, with a wide viewing angle. Was coupled with a layer of Gorilla Glass that is quite resistant screen from scratches.
Typical Android handset, there are four menu buttons at the bottom of the screen. That is the menu, home, back and search.
Droid Android Gingerbread Razr using 2.3.5. User interface looks normal, not as attractive as HTC Sense for example. There are five homescreen slide-sliding as a place to put the widget.
Some of the applications that appear on the screen can be resized easily. For those who like to access social networking sites, Droid Razr able mewadahinya well. Social Networking applications to aggregate all services in one place.
8 Megapixel Camera
The camera in the Droid Razr is qualified with a resolution of 8 megapixels. Was also equipped with flash light for dark conditions where the shooting. The camera is also capable of recording video in full HD 1080p resolution.
The results of outdoor photographs good enough though not exactly very nice. The resulting colors tend to be soft and pale. Photos in the room is also quite good.
But if the atmosphere is rather dark, began to have noise. Luckily enough reliable flash light illuminates the object in the picture.
Full HD video recording via Droid Razr was able to produce a clear and real footage.Good enough to record those precious moments users.
Tough performance
Droid Razr has a top-class hardware, probably one of the best on the market today. The handset is supported by a 1.2 GHz processor TI OMAP dual-core processor and 1GB RAM.
Droid Razr user interface can be explored with the smooth. Browser capable of running fast and optimal, even in dealing with website display desktop.
Turning to one application to another is also pretty smooth although sometimes looks a little lag in the movement symptoms of the homescreen in the application menu.
It relies on the handset battery 1780 mAh Li ion. As is often the handset Android, Droid Razr quite wasteful of power. If used too much playing games or browsing, Droid Razr can not last all day and must be recharged.
Droid Razr stand out with an original design and thinness are quite amazing. Slim is indeed full of action, of material containing Kevlar, the ability to record full HD video, or a brilliant display. Minus the value may be on the side of the photograph is not very spectacular and user interfaces that are less attractive. But overall, the handset presents a formidable performance. The price was in the range of USD 5.5 million.
– Strong performance
– Design original & interesting
– Less comfortable grip
– User interface is less attractive

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